First of all apoligies-I've not found the time to keep the blog up to date. It's a mixture of work and laziness :-)
I've been meaning to write about this for a while-BT FON. What's that then I hear you cry-and if your a BT customer, then that wouldn't surprise me! BT FON is a freebie that BT throw into your home broadband wi-fi connection. Essentially if you give a bit up of your wi-fi connection for public consumption, you can then use other BT FON users bandwidth when your out and about-sounds great. A massive source of untapped broadband supply, just waiting for you, the loyal BT user, to use. One problem-most users dont know they have signed up for this service.On all new users, the facilty is opt-in by default-that is, BT have it turned on on your router when it is shipped to you/ bought by you. Which is fine if you get your 8Mb/secs (lucky you) but not so if your getting a few Megs. I'm surprised more has not been made of this when you consider the Facebook row over privacy settings story.You would think a big company basically making decisons on what some people see as important as their gas, electricity and water-giving it away from free-would have eliicted some sort of response but no. I think a lot of just amplifies the general ambiliance and ignorance most broadband users have towards that home connection.Think of it this way-its like the Water company saying if you give up some water from your garden hose connection, you can use someone else's when your out. Thing is:
1) I doubt if you would sign up for it
2) you wont use it very often
3) the reason for 1 is 2
But they've stuck a big map up on the Web where all those free taps are-dont believe me? Try this and stick in your postcode-ok, here's one I did earlier
Random BT FON map
The large blue circles represent areas where the indivdual wi-fi hotspots are so many, BT need to show this as one big circle.Now I'm sorry, I know that the British are known for their generosity but I simple dont believe that all those people are 1) giving up their bandwidth and 2) are doing it of their own free will. Come on-the Brits are so paranoid  do you think they are going to let their neighbours onto their wi-fi? No chance. Not a Scooby Doo in hell's chance.

But I mentioned exploit in the header-now, the way BT FON works is it takes the "pie" that is your broadband connection and slices it up-with you keeping about 90% (based on a 8Mb/secs connection-lol) and the other 10% goes to Joe Bloggs looking for porn or some torrents under the radar, parked outside or next door. It is secure (WPA/WPA2), but secure comes with a caveat-WPA will be broken in the next few years, its only matter of time. As discussed in a previous post, there are now cloud services willing to do the job for you of finding that elusive password.Anyway I digress.Somebody will find a hole in this system and crack it wide open-if its not been been done already and the blackhats are just keeping Mum about it. And yes, you do need to sign in with your BT FON username and password-you know, that same one you ask your Mum and Dad for when you want to get your email......

The biggest shame about this is that in these day where we talk about the broadband poor, that BT havent worked out a way to build a super mesh network for the whole country-think about it-thousands,millions of wi-fi access points being combined together for the greater and common good.Now that's a good idea.

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