Just a quickie today-I have a particular soft spot (quicksand) for speed test sites. But I’ve found this one which seems to tick all the boxes. You can do the usual HTTP tests and if you sign up, you get to record your history. But it also has the option to do direct downloads, by HTTP or FTP which when combined with a good free download meter really gives you an idea of the speeds your are getting.

If you have a 20Mb connection (or higher-lucky you!), then I would go for the direct downloads and download at least 2 files at the same time in order to “fill up” your connection.I find only one connection at one time, even on the fastest servers, can lead to not maxing out your available bandwidth thereby giving misleading results

It seems to be mainly ADSL based but it works on your cable modem connection as well. The servers are based in Slough so latency and bandwidth should not be an issue. Tracerouting from my home connection (middle of the UK) shows a 12 hop route with a round trip time of 22ms-which is blooming good! Sign up and see what you think

They have a blog you can subscribe to as well.