If you've been following the news websites recently, you'll know there has been a breaking story detailing a breach on the corporate website of ACS:LAW
ACS:Law are a company who chase people, on behalf of the movie and record industry, who download content that they shouldn't be-in laymans terms, movies and music. Usually from illegal sources and distributed by Torrent sites and other P2P programs (Limewire is an example). **Update**-I had to link to the wiki article as the ACS:Law website is down-I wonder why?
The main thrust of the story is that a hacker group managed to get inside the servers of said company and obtain files detailing not only IP address's (the "fingerprint" of your broadband connection) but the customer details of who owns that connection. This group, being the charitable souls that they are, then put these files up on the web for anybody to download and view-ironically on the same Torrent systems that were used by the people fingered in the ACS:LAW files. They are still there-go to any Torrent site (here's one I am reliably informed that will point you in the right direction-I wouldn't know being an honest chap). You'll need a Torrent client to download the files-again, so I'm told.I still think Netscape is groundbreaking technology in action :-)

Just to rub salt on the wounds the UK's Information Commissioner has said the company may face a fine of up to £500,000 for this breach of the Data Protection Act. The irony increase as this has happened in the same week that the ICO have issued guidelines for small and medium business's to protect this sort of data-ouch!

Now, I've not seen these files as I keep away from torrents and all that but I'm reliably informed (I'm well informed me) that there are customer details, postcodes etc for each infringement of copyright. So if you download the files, you can look at the various peeps and see if your neighbour is one of the "bad people". Again, if I was betting man and reading the various articles on the web, I bet the files being downloaded, especially the movie ones, are not the type you would show your mother-more likely there's a mother in them-all the above is alledged of course.

So what's this got to do with wireless you say? What's you point matey? My point is, if you know about the likes of ACS:Law and what they do, and you still want to get these files, would you be likely to do it on your own broadband connection? Nope. You'd use someone else's (an open/unsecured wireless one) or you'd hack into a weakly configured wireless network (again, using the likes of aircrack facilitates this-so I'm told). This is probably the most high profile news story to date I can think of that demonstrates why you need to have a very high level of wireless security on your home broadband network.

So if you don't want a letter demanding £££'s for a copy of Debbie Does Dagenham because your wireless broadband connection is open to the world and his porn hound, drop us a line or look at some of the tutorials.
Happy downloading ;-)