Ok-so the above is not exactly in keeping with the whole wireless/wired thing but I spent a weekend trying to work out how to do the above, reading various posts from various people, and none worked. A point to note-this will NOT work for a PC/laptop in hibernation or completely shut down-the reason being all power is removed from the Ethernet port so the WOL (Wake On Lan) client cant talk to your PC/laptop.It only works if you want to put it into standby.

So I thought it a good idea to put this up as there seems to be a lot of people asking the same question-here goes

1) Do ONCE-Get rid of the welcome screen and fast switching on the HOST machine (from User Accounts)

2) Do ONCE-Don’t use hibernate on the HOST machine-this removes the power from the Ethernet port and WOL won’t work. Use standby instead

3) Do ONCE-Get a WOL client http://www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/wake-on-lan-gui.aspx, use port 7, put in the MAC, IP and mask-I use Internet but you could use local

4) Do ONCE-Make sure the tick box on the Ethernet port on the HOST machine for “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power (don’t worry about the “bring this computer out of standby”-it will be/might be grayed out with a tick but it seems not to matter) is UNTICKED -if not, as soon as you try to put the machine into standby it will reboot because the Ethernet port see’s traffic from your (still) active RDP session

5) Use RDP to connect to the HOST machine and do what you want to do

6) Use Alt-F4 to bring up the shutdown options on the HOST machine. Make sure you have no highlighted windows as this will close them! Just click once on the desktop and you should get the pop-up screen with the options

7) Close your RDP connection-if you don’t, the REMOTE (the machine you are using to connect to your HOST-the HOST is the one far away from you in your office 100’s of miles away) will close it for you but it better to make a clean break

Use the aforementioned WOL client to send a “Magic Packet” to the HOST machine to wake it up-your done

That’s it!

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