So the most recent OFCOM results  show the usual surge in speeds,Virgin Media came out top (again), due to their ever increasing high speeds-and set to go up again  No real mention of upload speeds though, which is strange (or not), but VM insist that this is not what customers want or need.And they have a point, but I suspect that BT and SKY will be lobbying hard, for more scrutiny on this side of the broadband fence, as their FTTC service trumps VM (as long as local line length isn't too prohibative) upstream every time.

But the focus of my ire are the rants from the likes of HyperOptic about how
>100Mb/secs isn't good enough
. I quote
Boris Ivanovic, Chairman of Hyperoptic, says: “The frustration with these types of speed reports is that it makes the mediocre sound positive. If the UK wants to compete with the fastest growing economies of the world, then it needs to be reporting double digit growth in its broadband speeds, not a couple of Mbps."
And there's more. "The UK isn’t even figuring on FTTH/B rankings. It’s time that Britons challenged the status quo, these small increases are no longer worthy of celebration"

Its comments like this that really wind me up-VM's base level of 30Mb/sec is more than enough for Joe Public, and will be for the next few years.All the operators are saying that's it's video streaming (YouTube,Netflix etc) that is driving growth. You only need to look at the US and the deal Comcast strong-armed onto Netflix to see where the world is going.Now, those streams are about 2-4Mb/secs, about 5-7Mb/secs for an HD stream, so in the case of Hyperoptic, what do you do with the other 995 Mb/secs spare you have each night? Gift it to a foodbank? Even a 4K stream will only consume 14Mb/sec

Hyperoptic are just trying to get more exposure for their product but it shows the absurdity of the current UK ISP's and their marketing-speed is the only product in town, they will tell you. But what is on offer is far and away miles faster than what punters need-even allowing for growth. I would suggest that conenction uptime, latency and jitter are more important going forward than the current "never mind the quality, feel the width" argument.

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