Looks like WPA as a step up from WEP for protecting your wireless home network will soon be dead in the water. Cloud computing is now being offered (for a small fee) by not one, but two, operators. This technology offers to take a WPA capture file (which can easily be obtained by the likes of Aircrack) and combined with your SSID (the advertisement that you see when you fire up your laptop). The clever thing is that it takes this SSID and tailors the "attack" on the password. Unlike WEP, the attack is still brute force in nature, in that it uses a dictionary attack. Granted, the dictionary is an eye-watering 540 million long list of words, so if your password is long enough and random enough, then your safe. Unfortunately, most people don't use long and random passwords-duh.
Its only a matter of time before others get in on this market and/or someone gives it away for free. WPA2 is an option but either people wont/dont know about this option or their hardware wont support it. Or cant be bothered to change it.

Time to look out that cabling tool.

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